Sunday, October 24, 2021

Falling For Your Best Friend

Title: Falling For Your Best Friend (audio book)

Series: Love Cliches #4

Author: Emma St. Clair

Narrators: Kevin Eiger, Melie Williams

Publisher: Emma St. Clair

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Source: Scribd

My Review:

By now you know I am loving this series. I enjoyed this one as well, but not quite as much as the first three. 

Harper's character is great and I love that we finally get to learn what makes her so quirky. What I didn't love is that she felt that her "knowing" this new information about herself would change all her relationships and make her not good enough for Chase. That got on my nerves, as did her lying to Chase.

Chase is a great character too, but him actually going on the three dates that Sam set him up on got on my nerves as well. You can't declare your feelings for someone and then go date someone else. I don't care what your reasoning is.

There was a ton of humor in this book as well and I especially loved the scenes with a goat and a skunk. We also get to catch up on all the other roommates as well. Again, I highly recommend this series, but start at the beginning.

I cannot wait to get to read the last book, Sam's story!! Sadly it is not on Scribd yet (although it is available on Kindle Unlimited).



I know how this story ends. And it’s NOT with the best friends falling in love.

Even if Chase checks all my boxes--and then some.

He’s the perfect guy, and he deserves the perfect girl. Which, to be clear, is not me.

I knew one day I would have to let him go. I just didn’t know it would be so soon.

Or that my traitorous friend would be the one setting him up with a string of potential girlfriends.

Now, I have an impossible choice to make...

I can watch Chase find love with someone else.

Or I can throw my hat in the ring and face my biggest fear, one not even he knows.

One that might make him run for the Texas hill country.

But if I don’t make a play, I might lose my best friend and my only chance at love...


  1. I've been wanting to read this series. Thanks for the tip on starting from the beginning.

  2. Some of the things you mention about this one that bugged you would really bug me, too.

  3. I know flawed characters are real but they don't help me to relax.

    1. I agree, but overall, it was a relaxing book.