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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Bambolina Adventures

Bambolina Adventures: Little Doll Adventures

 Title: Bambolina Advenutures

Author: Maria St. Clair


Genre: Children's Fiction


A must-read magical and adventurous picture book. Based on true character and events. Perfect for young readers age 3-5.
Bambolina is a happy little girl who likes to go on adventures every day and with the help of her little fairies everywhere she goes everything comes to life. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Potty-Training Day

https://images-cdn.reedsy.com/discovery/book/4802/cover/large_f19cb52b9f237116c61331f5326e9bf23d052e6f.jpg Title: Potty-Training Day

Author: Akilah Trinay and Ziana T. Washington 

Publisher: Revision Publishing LLC

Genre: Children's Fiction


Together ZiZi and Mommy explore the joys, challenges and frustrations when transitioning from being a baby into becoming a Big Girl. Potty Training is not a one-size-fits-all process, and everyone experiences it differently. Potty-Training Day celebrates that space in between where your little one is curious and ready and as a parent you are eager and scared for what a potty-trained baby really means.

My Review:

Potty-Training Day, written by Akilah Trinay and Ziana T. Washington is illustrated by Brad Myers. Akilah is an author, educator, and used to be a radio host. She is also the owner of Revision Publishing. Akilah’s first book was Beyond the Hurt.

Potty-Training Day is about a little girl named Ziana. Ziana launches into the story by introducing herself and informing the reader about all the things that she likes to do. When her mom calls to her, Ziana invites the reader to join her in her adventures. In this story, Ziana is beginning the potty-training journey, and she is feeling apprehensive. She wants to please her mom by going potty on the toilet, yet she does not feel ready to give up her diapers yet.

Potty-Training Day is a truly relevant book as all children will have a day that they start potty-training on. While there are many books on “going” potty, this is the first that I have come across with the focus on the first potty training day. Told in a rhyming format this story moves quickly. The eye-catching cover conveys the theme of the story.

There are several things that I enjoyed in this story. To begin with, I love that the toilet is pink and not white, as it captures the reader’s eye and conveys the message of the story. Second, the illustrations are fun and engaging. Third, the different colors and fonts brought out the text and made it more engaging. Finally, it was meticulously edited.

There were a few things that did not connect for me. First, Ziana was very well-spoken and at the end of the story, very insightful. I am not sure what age she is supposed to be, but most children who are entering the potty-training phase are not that articulate. Second, the mom had her shoes on for some pictures and not for others, it was not consistent.

All things considered; it was a charming book. I think little girls who are just beginning their potty-training journey will enjoy this book. From the pink and purple illustrations to the angst that Ziana feels about this new journey, little girls (and their parents) will be able to relate. Potty-Training Day would be a great addition to home and local libraries.

 This review was first posted on Reedsy Discovery here.

Monday, May 3, 2021

At Lighthouse Point

At Lighthouse Point (Three Sisters Island, #3)

Title: At Lighthouse Point

Series: Three Sisters Island #3

Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romance

Publisher: Revell


Blaine Grayson returns to Three Sisters Island with a grand plan--to take Camp Kicking Moose to the next level. Her dream starts to unravel when she discovers Moose Manor's kitchen has been badly remodeled by her sister, Cam, who doesn't know how to cook. Added to that blow is the cold shoulder given by her best friend, Artie Lotosky, now a doctor to the unbridged Maine islands.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

The Widow's Oil

The Widow's Oil

Title: The Widow's Oil: Discovering God's Purpose in the Midst of Grief

Author: Nickcole Byrd

Publisher: Byrd Media LLC

Genre: Self-Help 


Simultaneously, I had experienced two untimely deaths. The death of my husband, and the death of a season in my life. After 24 years of marriage, God decided that this chapter was done. It was over. And there was nothing I could do to change it.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness

The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness

Title: The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness

Author: Victor Santos

Genre: Children's fiction


Ben loves to draw. Drawing makes him happy, and he uses his drawing talent to also make others around him happy. One day, he has an idea: what if he started a Happiness Club? To become a member of the club, all a child has to do is use their own unique talents to make another member of the club happy. In this uplifting, diverse, and beautifully illustrated book, children will learn how the exponential power of love, respect, and friendship can be harnessed to make the world a happier place for all. 

My Review:

The cover of The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness is what first drew me to this book. It shows imagination and creativity and I wondered exactly what “illustrated happiness” meant. The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness is written by Victor D. O. Santos and is illustrated by Eszter Mikl√≥s. Victor has written several children’s books, all with the same goal, “to inspire young children to be respectful of differences and always strive to be a good person.”

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The Legacy of Job's Wife: A Story of Love and Forgiveness

Title: The Legacy of Job's Wife

Author: Cynthia Koelker

Publisher: MD Books USA

Genre: Historical Fiction/Christian Fiction


Meet the wife of Job, whom many a preacher has criticized for her words of despair, dismissing her as a mere footnote in their terrible tale of destruction.

But there has to be more to her story, as anyone who has endured grief or depression would know.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Present Danger

Book CoverTitle: Present Danger

Series: Rocky Mountain Courage #1

Author: Elizabeth Goddard

Publisher: Revell

Genre: Romantic Suspense


Former FBI Special Agent Jack Tanner is working as a detective in Montana when he comes across a body in the national forest during a search and rescue mission. He's committed to finding the killer, even if it means working alongside his old flame, US Forest Service Special Agent Terra Connors.