Thursday, June 30, 2022

Lost in Rooville

Title: Lost in Rooville (audio)

Series: Flabbergasted #3

Author: Ray Blackston

Narrator: Andrew Peterson

Genre: Christian Fiction, Humor, Australia

Publisher: Revell

Source: Scribd

My review:

Lost in Rooville has gotten a lot of mediocre reviews, and I think that's because you miss the humor if you are just reading it. We listened to it on audio and the humor shines through. This is the third book of the trilogy, it can stand alone, but it is best to read the first two books to understand all the character's backstories. 

I loved Lost in Rooville, and my family really enjoyed it as well. We listened to it in one day on our road trip (it was great company and made the trip more enjoyable!). The characters are quirky, imperfect, and relatable. While this book is quite humorous, it had several serious and heart-warming scenes that were lacking in the previous two books. Therefore, it had a bit of a different feel but was still quite enjoyable. 

I hate that this series ended because it left me wanting more. If you decide to read this series, I highly recommend listening to them on audio. Andrew Peterson narrates all three books and he is fabulous!



Number-cruncher-turned-missionary Jay Jarvis and his poetry-enthused girlfriend, Allie Kyle, are in for the trip of a lifetime. Joined by their friends, sports enthusiast Steve Cole and lime-lover Darcy Yeager, they head into the Outback of Australia, hoping for adventure. As the girls catch up on their girl talk and plan their next sight-seeing activity, Jay and Steve do a little planning of their own. With marriage proposals on their minds and little black jewelry boxes in their pockets, the guys chart out the perfect opportunity to pop the question. But will roo-chasing and busted Land Cruisers spoil their plans for perfect proposals? Ray Blackston's side-splitting humor, quirky characters, original poetry, song, and electrifying dialogue are back in this exciting sequel to Flabbergasted and A Delirious Summer. 


  1. Good to know that the audio version is the one to do with this one.

  2. How fun! I'll have to keep this series in mind when I'm looking for a humorous read. :)

  3. It sounds very good. I love the location and the story sounds like something I would enjoy