Sunday, June 5, 2022

So Not My Thing

Title: So Not My Thing Audio

Series: Love in New Orleans

Author: Melanie Jacobson

Genre: Contemporary Romance, RomCom, Fiction, Music


Source: Hoopla

My Review:

This is my first time reading Melanie Jacobson, but it will not be my last.

I started listening to So Not My Thing as I pulled out of my driveway on a long road trip. The first line caught me off guard and immediately had my attention. 

I needed the perfect revenge outfit to wear for an ex who never knew he'd been in a relationship with me.

I laughed my way through traffic, a heavy downpour, and 6 hours of travel that seemed like less.

I hated Miles Crowe more than poison ivy, itchy socks, the stink of the French Quarter on the hottest day of summer, people who didn’t use turn signals, “namaste” puns on yoga tank tops, and chigger bites and the think crust of smashed lovebugs I had to scrub off my car's fender every Saturday in the spring. Combined.

While this story had an abundance of humor, it also had plenty of heart. There were times I wanted to cry and times I got chills. So many things in this story will resonate with you, whether you have experienced them or not. I loved Ellie (although at times she had me shaking my head, and at other times fussing at her). I liked Miles as well, especially as I got to know him more.

So Not My Thing is the consummate enemies to lovers trope. It is also frustrating, humorous, heart-warming, heart-wrenching, and full of sparks.  I loved the New Orleans culture as the backdrop of the story. This story gets nothing but good vibes from me.


Synopsis (from Goodreads): 

I hated Miles Crowe more than poison ivy, itchy socks, the stink of the French Quarter on the hottest day of summer, people who didn’t use turn signals, “namaste” puns on yoga tank tops, and chigger bites. Combined.

26-year-old New Orleans native Elle Jones used to be the internet's most famous meme for rejection thanks to an embarrassing teenage TV appearance. But she's finally put that past behind her and now she’s killing it as a commercial real estate agent in the coolest neighborhoods in the city.

When Miles Crowe—the former pop star who made her notorious—insists on hiring her to find a property for his jazz club, she’ll do everything she can to get herself fired before he realizes who she is.

But Miles has grown up too, and Elle soon discovers that he is as passionate about the city as she is…and even sexier now than he was then. Will she risk exposing her humiliating past to claim a future with the guy who once nearly ruined her life?

Whitney Award winner Melanie Jacobson returns with her trademark wit and warmth in this delightful story about taking a chance on love.


  1. Wit and warmth in a rom com. Sounds good!

  2. This sounds great! I love a good rom com! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That first line is so great! I love a book with both humor and heart. :)

    1. Lark, it was fantastic! It's on Kindle Unlimited too, if you have it.

  4. Heart and humor is such a great combination for me. Wonderful review, Cindy.

  5. Oh wow. A book that can hold your attention like that and make traffic go by faster... I need that book in my life. LoL

  6. I love NOLA, and this sounds like the perfect one to listen to on audio. I'll have to add it to my TBR. I haven't read this author yet either, but have been wanting to. Great review!
    Lisa Loves Literature

    1. Lisa, it was awesome, I am sure you will love it!

  7. I keep seeing Melanie's name on Instagram or just book lists, and since some of her books do sound really fun, someday, I should make time for one! :)

    1. Rissi, YES! I loved this one and can't wait to get to the next one!