Monday, March 13, 2023

Royal (Gone) Rogue

Title: Royal (Gone) Rogue    

Series: Sweet Royal RomCom #2

Author: Emma St. Clair    

Genre:RomCom, Contemporary Romance, Fiction

Publisher: Emma St. Clair

Source: ARC e-copy/OWN paperback

My review:

Royal (Gone) Rogue was everything I wanted it to be and more.

However, before reading this one, I highly recommend reading Royally (re) Arranged first. While this could be enjoyed as a stand-alone, you will miss the character growth and other things from the first book that ties into this one.

I loved the story.  I adored getting to know Phillip, as he is mostly in the background in the first story. He is charming, logical, and on the hunt for a wife. It is interesting how he handles meeting and getting to know Alessia. It is fun to watch his logical side slide by the wayside.

Alessia is adorable. I like her personality, her relationship with the nonnos, and her friendship with Luci. I also loved seeing her care for her village. Whether they realize it or not, Alessia and Phillip are perfect for each other, and they bring out the best in each other. 

I lost track of the laugh-out-loud moments. At one part, I was cackling with laughter and looked to be sure I wasn't disturbing my husband's reading. I have said it before about Emma St. Clair's books, but while this is a romcom, her books have so much heart and depth. There are some tender moments, and moments that will bring out all the feels. 

There is so much I want to say, but I don't want to slip and give anything away, diminishing your enjoyment of experiencing each thing for yourself. So, I will reiterate that I loved this book and highly recommend it.

I was given an e-copy of the book. I bought and read my own paperback copy. I was not required to provide a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. My opinion is that you need to read this book!

Edited to add: I LOVED the audiobook as well. I had to get used to the voice for Philip, but once I did, I really enjoyed listening to the story.


Synopsis (Goodreads): 

I need to find the perfect woman to be my queen. Love was never supposed to be part of the arrangement.

I've always done things by the book--that's the burden of being the heir to the Elsinorian throne. So when my father grows ill and my coronation seems imminent, I intend to find my future queen the same way ... with logic and a list of eligible women who fit a detailed set of data points.

My brother agrees to cover for me at the court, and I set out to offer a common woman the chance to be something more.

Only ... nothing goes according to plan.

Alessia is far more than she seemed on paper, and she stirs feelings I never imagined having. The next thing I know, I'm washing dishes in her grandfather's restaurant, hoping to win her hand and her heart.

Meanwhile, my absence in Elsinore has been noticed and the whole kingdom is wondering if I'm abdicating the throne. Though I love the simple village life, I need to return home, and I won't do so without Alessia.

The only problem: I might not have mentioned the fact that I'm the crown prince of Elsinore.

Royal Gone Rogue is the second in the Sweet Royal RomCom series with laugh-out-loud humor, heart-warming love stories, and sizzling chemistry that keeps the bedroom door closed.


  1. Sounds good. Regine

  2. I have Royally (re)Arranged on my TBR list and will have to add this one. The books I've read by Emma St. Clair have made me laugh, too! She's fast becoming a favorite author. :D

    1. Lark, she is one of mine too, I LOVE her books, and the humor!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts when you get a chance to read these :)

  3. I love a book with a lot of humor. Emma St. Clair is so good at writing humor too.

  4. This is one of two authors I feel like Instagram gushes over a lot. May mean I should look into some of her books, too.

    1. Rissi, you 100% should!! I LOVE her books!!