Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Happily Ever After

Title: Happily Ever After & Everything in Between

Author: Debbie Tung

Publisher: Andrew McMeel Publishing

Genre: Graphic Novel, Comics, Humor, Fiction

Source: Library

My Review:

 Debbie Tung's books are so much fun. Happily Ever After & Everything in Between gives the reader a glimpse of what married life looks like.

Me: I don't like graphic novels. Also me: I love this book. And, me again: I need to read more graphic novels 😂.

I love Debbie Tung's writing style. While Book Love is my favorite of her books, I plan to read everything she writes. Her artistic style and humor are consistent throughout her books. I love the introvert moments as I can totally relate. I don't necessarily love bathroom humor, but others will be able to relate to it 😂.

This book is a glimpse of married life six years down the road. I think most people who are in a committed relationship will find relatable content. Even if you are not in a relationship, I think you will find it a cute book (overall).


Synopsis (Goodreads): 

From the bestselling author of Quiet Girl in a Noisy World and Book Love comes a funny and adorable collection of comics about married life, specifically an introvert married to an extrovert! Debbie Tung’s tender, funny, and utterly relatable comics are the perfect gift for anyone in a relationship.
The comics in Happily Ever After & Everything In Between may be inspired by Debbie Tung’s marriage to her extrovert husband, but any couple can relate to increasingly relaxed anniversaries, slowly seeing more of each other’s weird sides, or the punishment for taking care of your sick loved one (catching whatever they had). Happily Ever After humorously captures what everyday love looks like—both the sweet moments and the mundane—making it a fitting gift for weddings, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day.


  1. I didn't know she'd written another one! I loved Book Love so much, and Quiet Girl in a Noisy World, too. I definitely will be checking this one out. :D

    1. Lark, she has a few more! My library has one more, but I think she has a couple my library doesn't have.

  2. This does look interesting! I especially like that she writes an introvert perspective. I'll have to check this out.

  3. That was fast!! I love your review and I LOL'd at your internal monologue about needing to read more graphic novels! I plan to read all her books too, they're just so good and so relatable.