Thursday, April 25, 2024

The Blackmailed Bride

Title: The Blackmailed Bride

Author: Mandy Goff

Publisher: Love Inspired Historical

Genre: Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance,

Source: Own

My Review:

The title of The Blackmailed Bride drew me to Mandy Goff's book. Plus, I was curious about the Love Inspired Historical line.  

The Blackmailed Bride is a quick read. I was easily frustrated by the lack of communication between Olivia and Marcus. I figured out several plot points, but I still enjoyed the book. The butler, Gibbons, was hilarious. I was pleasantly surprised by several moments that had me laughing out loud. 

Read for:

-brother's best friend

-dastardly villain

-the butler

-Regency era

I look forward to reading the next book, which is Marcus' story.


Synopsis (Goodreads): 

The despicable Baron Finley is the last man Lady Olivia Fairfax would want as her husband, but what choice does she have? He holds the secret to a family scandal, and she must bow to his blackmail or see herself and her brother publicly disgraced. Steeling her resolve—and shielding her heart—Olivia is prepared to do her duty to her family…until Nicholas Stuart, the Marquess of Huntsford, complicates her plans. Nick is brave, honorable, infuriatingly attractive and unshakably determined to protect Olivia—even from herself. He won't let Olivia sacrifice her happiness for any price. Instead, he'll teach her to follow her heart…and pray that it leads her straight to him.


  1. Sometimes a light, easy read is exactly what I need. Still, I think the lack of communication between them would have frustrated me too.

  2. Now I want to read it just for the butler. ;D And that cover is so gorgeous.