Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other

Title: Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other (audiobook review)

Author: Bethany Turner

Narrator: Talon David

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Christian Fiction,

Source: Hoopla

My Review:

I love the cover of Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other by Bethany Turner. It is what drew me to the story. The narrator does a great job with keeping the voices straight.

Quick review:

Brynn's bad luck leads to a journey of self-discovery and reconciliation. 

More details: 

What I liked:

-small town

-the characters in the small town

- Sebastian


-Brynn's reunion with Laila and Cole

 What I didn't:

-Brynn at the beginning, she was way too self-involved

-all the pop culture references - I didn't get them

-the pacing of the story felt off

-the heavier topic of Sebastian's story-it felt out of place for a "romcom/lighter read"

Overall, it was a mixed bag of reading for me.


Synopsis (Goodreads): 

She’s a sunny morning-show host. He’s a cynical ex-reporter. They're destined to hate each other . . . Aren’t they? Brynn Cornell has to be stuck in a nightmare. Just last week, she was riding high as cohost of the popular morning show Sunup . She's America's Ray of Sunshine—the girl-next-door beauty who drives up TV ratings while never exuding anything but her trademark positivity and poise. All it took was one huge on-air mistake to expose her snarky side to the world and make it all come crumbling down. Now she’s back in her hometown of Adelaide Springs, Colorado, in a last-ditch attempt to convince viewers she’s not the mean girl they think she is. All she has to do is apologize and capture some feel-good footage reminding everyone she’s just a girl from humble beginnings who’s grateful for her big break, and she might manage to preserve both her career and her image. But this town holds painful memories that she’s not ready to face. Sebastian Sudworth was on the fast track to the journalist hall of fame. A superstar reporter with a reputation for being in the center of the action, his fearless, relentless coverage of major events around the globe was winning him awards and accolades—until something snapped inside him and he vanished from the scene under mysterious circumstances. Sebastian sought refuge in tiny Adelaide Springs, working odd jobs and trying to blend in as a scruffy mountain town citizen. When Sebastian is assigned to chauffeur Brynn around town, Brynn is sure he can see right through her carefully cultivated, sunny persona. But she’s determined to do what it takes to maintain her image and save her career—so she’ll just have to charm the socks off Sebastian the same way she charmed her viewers. Easier said than done. It's no picnic to play nice around someone you hate . . . especially when you might be crazy about them.


  1. I'm sorry this one wasn't quite as good as it could have been. I'm wondering why she needed someone to chauffeur her around her own home town.

    1. Lark, right? It was essentially to baby-sit her.

  2. This one LOOKS like so much fun so I do plan to read it at some point. But whether I'll enjoy it, well, that remains to be seen. :) Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Rissi, her books are hit or miss with me. But, I keep trying.

  3. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this enough -- the cover and the synposis are adorable. I get turned off by having too many pop culture references in books too. It can get off-putting, especially when you don't get them.

    1. Aimee, exactly! I had no idea for most of them.

  4. The cover and title are great! Too bad it ended up being a mixed bag for you.

    1. Lucy, someone else who is up-to-date on pop culture might have a different experience than I did!