Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Bambolina Adventures

Bambolina Adventures: Little Doll Adventures

 Title: Bambolina Advenutures

Author: Maria St. Clair


Genre: Children's Fiction


A must-read magical and adventurous picture book. Based on true character and events. Perfect for young readers age 3-5.
Bambolina is a happy little girl who likes to go on adventures every day and with the help of her little fairies everywhere she goes everything comes to life. 

My Review:

Bambolina Adventures: Little Doll Adventures is a children’s book written by Maria St. Clair. This is Maria’s first children’s book. It is inspired by her granddaughter and true events. It is available in English, Italian, and will soon be available in Spanish.

Bambolina is a young girl with a big imagination. She loves going on adventures with her fairy friends. Bambolina explores all kinds of “lands.” The birthday land, the library land, the school land, etc., making friends wherever she goes. Bambolina has an inquiring mind and a cheerful disposition. The author alludes to there being more Bambolina adventures in the future.

From the engaging cover to the fantastic illustrations, young readers will delight in Bambolina’s adventures, and may even recognize some of the “lands” that Bambolina visits. This book caters to young girls and they will have fun finding the fairies on the different pages of the story. The illustrations are realistic and life-like, adding to the enjoyment of the story.

The story line flows smoothly from one adventure to the next. The turning of the page opens to the next adventure and the story is easy to read. The language is appropriate for young readers and easy to understand. The number of words on each page is right for holding a preschooler’s attention.

Most children love going on adventures, but even Bambolina encounters things that she is afraid of. I think this adds to the book will make it relatable to all children, even those who might be a little shy going on their own adventure.

There was nothing that I did not enjoy about this book. I noticed two minor errors, but it is not enough to detract from the story, and the children will not notice them at all.

Bambolina’s Adventures encourages children to explore the world around them and make friends with those they encounter. It encourages imagination and creativity. While I think this book will appeal more to girls than boys, I do think young boys will enjoy the book as well. This book would make a great gift for any pink, fairy-loving child!

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