Monday, May 24, 2021

Daddy Loves You

 Title: Daddy Loves You

Author: Kyle Wilson

Publisher: Kyle Wilson

Genre: Children's Fiction

My Review:

The title of Daddy Loves You is what drew me to this book. I had just reviewed another book that featured a father/son combo. Whereas that book discussed the adventures that the father and son went on, Daddy Loves You is about the fathers that cannot be there for their children for some reason. It is rare to see books featuring fathers, but two back-to-back encourages me that people are starting to give Dads back the respect that is due them.

Daddy Loves You is written by Kyle Watson and illustrated by Gayatri Ray. Kyle is a filmmaker, husband, and father of four. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, participating in archery, and listening to podcasts.

Daddy Loves You focuses on the dads that are not with their children. There are many reasons that children do not have their fathers around. This book depicts quite a few legitimate reasons that fathers are not around, like traveling for business. The story is told straightforwardly, with no excuses as to why dad is not around. The bottom line is that no matter where dad is and why he cannot be there, he misses his child.

The illustrations of Daddy Loves You are beautifully produced. They also clearly tell the story, so even young children who are not reading, will be able to figure out the story from the pictures. The illustrations are realistic, and you can perceive the emotions behind them.

This heart-warming story is perfect for children whose dad is not around very often, or even at all. It will help them to know they are not alone in missing their dad. It will also help them to see things from their dad’s perspective, hopefully realizing it is not as easy for him either.

Daddy Loves You is written for children from about 3 years old to 8 years old. While it is intended for children whose father is not around sometimes, all children will enjoy the story and message. I would recommend this to any family of young children, but especially to a family where one parent is not around as often as they would like to be. I would also recommend this book be purchased for local libraries, providing it an opportunity for broader viewership. 

4/5 Stars-Loved it!

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Why are some good dads not around?

Could it be their jobs? Or something more?

"Daddy Loves You" explains to children ages 3-8, in their own words, different scenarios why a dad may not physically be present in a kids life. And more importantly to show them that love is never the issue.

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