Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The Chase

 Title: The Chase

Series: US Marshals #2

Author: Lisa Harris

Publisher: Revell

Genre: Christian fiction, suspense, romance

My review:

 So, if you remember from my review of the first book, The Escape, it left you on a cliff-hanger and wanting more. Well, The Chase, picks up from that event and keeps on rolling. Again, sucking the reader into the story immediately. Usually, these types of books do fine as a stand-alone, but I would HIGHLY recommend reading The Escape before picking up The Chase.

Luke has been dead for five years, and I'm no closer to finding his killer than we were the day he was murdered.

I love that this book resumes the story of the two leading characters, Madison James and Jonas Quinn, from the first book. While we got to know a lot about them in the first book the story continues and provides us a greater depth as to who they are. We see their friendship and working relationship continue to build and deeper during this story.

But some things, she'd learned, couldn't be repaired.

The Chase is action-packed, suspenseful, masterfully written, and hard to put down. It is a quick read with several things that I did not anticipate coming! Madison and Jonas are once again on the hunt, this time for fugitives wanted in a string of bank robberies.

Typically, a victim lost personal memories, but she lost something of even more importance. She needed to remember who'd pulled the trigger.

I want to be extremely careful not to give any spoilers, but will say if you are looking for a complete resolution to this trilogy, you, like me, will have to wait until book 3, The Catch, releases in the spring of 2022 😭

I love this series and can't wait to get my hands on the next book (expected April 5th!). I know it will be worth the wait. I highly recommend this book and series to those who love a great suspense story that is impossible to figure out and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Thank you to Revell for the opportunity to read and enjoy this book. I am not required to provide a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


P.S. Here is the cover to the next book 😀 You can head to the author's page or Goodreads for more details.

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

US Marshal Madison James may not be sure who shot her three months ago, but she does know one thing--it's time to get back out into the field. When her partner, Jonas Quinn, receives a message that a federal warrant just came in on a man connected to a string of bank robberies, Madison jumps at the chance to get back to work. What she and Jonas find is a bank robbery in progress that's gone wrong--and things are about to get worse.

For these bank robbers, it's never been just about the money. It's about taking risks and adrenaline rushes, and getting caught is not part of the game. When the suspects escape, Madison and Jonas must hunt them down and bring them to justice before someone else--someone close to them--gets hurt . . . or worse.

From Seattle to the San Juan Islands, bestselling author Lisa Harris takes you on a nonstop chase where feelings are complicated and failure isn't an option.


  1. I'm looking forward to book 3 - the cover is stunning.

    1. Sarita, me too!!! I wish the wait wasn't so long...but maybe then I will be caught up, LOL!

  2. I think I might wait until the 3rd book is out before starting this series so I can read all three books back to back. :)

    1. Lark, I think that is a GREAT idea! I loved reading the first two back to back, it makes it easier to remember everything going on!