Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Collateral Damage

Title: Collateral Damge

Series: Danger Never Sleeps #1

Author: Lynette Eason

Narrator: Callie Beaulieu

Publisher: Revell

Genre: Christian Fiction, Suspense, Romance

Source: Own on Audible

My Review:

I enjoy reading Lynette Eason's books. Collateral Damage is the first book in the Danger Never Sleeps series.  

I have had this book on my Goodreads to be read list for over a year and decided to listen to it on Audible to help get my TBR list lower. The narrator did an excellent job with narrating and made the story enjoyable to listen to. The storyline is good and moves at the pace you would expect from Lynette Eason, fast.

However, I did not enjoy this book as much as I would normally enjoy her books. I am sure if I had read it in its paperback form I would have enjoyed it more. Listening to it as an audiobook made it difficult to keep up with the different characters (there were quite a few) and their locations. It also made it seem heavier than it probably was (although this one was tough to read for the treatment of children).

Regardless, I did enjoy the story and would recommend it if you enjoy suspense stories. I would just recommend reading it instead of listening to it. I have decided not to do any more mystery/suspense books on audio because they are harder to follow and I don't end up liking them as much. It's not a reflection of the writing or even the narrator, just a storyline that is not easy to follow when listening to it.


Synopsis (from Goodreads):

Honorably discharged from the Army after an explosion nearly killed her, former military psychiatrist Brooke Adams has set up shop to help others-but her days of helping military personnel are over. She's got her own battles to fight from her time overseas, and she's not equipped to take on more. Former Army Special Ops Sergeant First Class Asher James could handle anything that war sent his way-terrorists, bombs, bullets. The only thing that scares him now is sleep. As the shadows close in, the nightmares begin. Finally convinced that he needs help, Asher makes an appointment with a counselor, and Brooke is pressed by her boss to take him on. When he arrives at her office she isn't there-but a dead body is. Brooke is devastated when she walks in, and Asher is a conveniently strong shoulder to cry on. But she can't take him on as a client after sharing such an intimate and unprofessional moment, can she? And he's not sure he can handle sharing his deepest fears with such a beautiful woman. When it becomes clear that Brooke was the real target of the attack-and that her secrets go even deeper than his own-Asher vows to protect her no matter what.


  1. I agree, some types of books i find harder to follow as an audiobook — for me its usually lit fiction. This looks like a solid suspense story!

    1. Hi Verushka, it was a solid suspense story, I just got a little lost with listening as opposed to reading. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. That's a drawback to audiobooks for sure. And some books are better on audio than print!

    1. I agree with that too. We listened to The Phantom Tollbooth a few years ago on a a road trip. It is a book I NEVER would have picked up, but my son wanted to listen to it. I loved it and would have missed out. We've listened to it several times since then. But, my husband was not with us and didn't listen, he read it, and didn't get it. It's best for that one to listen first.