Friday, November 12, 2021

A Delirious Summer

Title: A Delirious Summer (audiobook)

Series: Flabbergasted #2

Author: Ray Blackston

Publisher: Oasis Audio

Genre: Christian fiction, humor, Romance

Source: Scribd

My Review:

 I enjoyed A Delirious Summer every bit as much as I enjoyed the first book.

I also listened to this one with my husband and son and we all enjoyed it and shared many laughs. While it could be read as a stand-alone novel I recommend going back and reading Flabbergasted first.

With a hug, a kiss, and a Spanish thesaurus, Allie sends me off on a sunny August morning, which is wintertime here in the rainforest.

While Jay is not the narrator of this story it was fun catching up with him and Allie and meeting his new friend Neil. When Jay finishes up his language school he advises his teacher, Neil, to go on his vacation to Greenville, South Carolina.

Neil's big mistake began when he befriended one of his students. Namely me.

 While Neil is not sure he wants to spend his summer in South Carolina, he can't think of anything better to do, so off to South Carolina he goes. This sets off a series of events that not even Jay could have predicted.

We spend vast amounts of time and energy crafting a thesis in our heads of how life should play out. Then Almighty God spends an incredibly brief amount of time blowing our thesis to bits.

With all the quirky characters we loved from the first story, plus Neil and a few new characters, this witty, humorous story is sure to be an enjoyable read. While at first, it seems like nothing more than fluff, there is a lot of depth to this story. Toward the end, I was deeply touched by some of what was said and how the storyline was written.

I would highly recommend you listen to the audiobook as opposed to reading the book. The reviews for the book are not always great, but it is a great book to listen to and enjoy. Just as a warning, the end leaves on a cliff-hanger, but no worries, as book 3 Lost in Rooville is already out!



To Neil Rucker, seven months, one week, and a day is too long to wait in between dates. But life as a Spanish language teacher to missionaries in Ecuador affords little opportunity for romance.

When his worst student, Jay Jarvis, suggests a respite in Greenville, South Carolina, so begins Neil's delirious summer. Neil sees his chance to meet a sweet succession of southern women, but little does he know that the girls of Greenville are now more elusive than a snowflake in the Ecuadorian jungle.

As they church-hop in search of the perfect man, Neil tries to find the perfect girl among the Neapolitan choices: a demanding redhead, a joy-riding blonde, and a very tardy but intriguing girl with raven hair and a pierced eyebrow. Who knew relational gumbo would look like this?


  1. I enjoy fluff books that have a little depth to them. I might try this one. It seems fun.

    1. I highly recommend reading Flabbergasted first and maybe listening to them on audio if you can. We have loved both of them, but others who were reading as opposed to listening gave some bad reviews. So, just a suggestion.

  2. I need to check out this series, it sounds like so much fun.

    1. It really is! We can't wait until we travel again to listen to the third book together :)