Friday, June 17, 2022

First Line Friday #54- The Buy-In

Happy Friday, my bookish friends! Any plans for the weekend? We are going on vacation 😁 We will drive 10 hours today to Indianapolis, spend the night and visit with family in the morning. Then we will head to Illinois, driving some of Route 66 and stopping by the Route 66 Museum. Sunday we will start a trek to Wisconsin where we will spend the next week exploring (going into Minnesota a bit too), until a wedding next Saturday, then spend Sunday and Monday driving home. I'm excited and exhausted just thinking about it, #introvertproblems.

Welcome back to First Line Friday hosted by Carrie at Reading is My SuperPower!! I am also linking up with Gilion on Rose City Reader for Book Beginnings. This is where you share the beginning of the book that you are reading. To join in the fun grab the book you are reading and leave a comment with the first line (or your link).  This week I am reading The Buy-In by Emma St. Clair. I have already read this book and am re-reading it because the second book, The Bluff has just been released. I am NOT usually a re-reader but I am super excited about the second book, so re-reading the first one to savor the books longer 😂.

"You bought a WHAT?"

Book Beginnings:

"You bought a WHAT?"

The question comes out of me in something like a wheeze-snort. I set my coffee mug down, gripping the spotless kitchen counter with both hands, needing the stability.

My father repeats himself slowly, his eyes crinkling at the corners. "I bought a town."

 About the book (Goodreads):

"You can't Schitt's Creek a town, Tank."

"And you can't verb a noun, son."

When a family of former pro football players buy a small Texas town, they didn't intend to start a war with its residents ... or to fall in love.

Ever since his career-ending injury, Pat has bounced from job to job, idea to idea, short-lived relationship to short-lived relationship. But when his father purchases the town of Sheet Cake, Pat suddenly sees his life with clear purpose: get his brothers on board with his dad's wild idea and win back the one woman who got away.

Lindy was supposed to be traveling the world, not stuck in a small town, caring for her niece. But she would do anything to keep custody of Jo--even if that looks like a marriage of convenience with the man who already broke her heart once.

Now if she can only keep herself from falling back in love with her husband...

This is a small town, marriage of convenience romantic comedy with plenty of sizzle while keeping the bedroom door closed. Perfect for fans of Sarah Adams and Sariah Wilson!

 Your turn! Grab the current book you are reading and post the first line in the comments! Then, click on the icons below and join the fun there too! Thank you all for coming by each week, I REALLY appreciate the support and comments 😀



  1. Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing, and here's mine:

  2. I didn't realize the second book was out already! thanks!

    1. Wendy, she did a surprise launch, EARLY :) So excited!

  3. I’m currently reading Midnight’s Budding Morrow by Carolyn Miller.
    “The following morning, despite mild admonitions from Mrs. Broomhead, [Sarah] breakfasted downstairs.”
    I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Nicole, I really enjoyed that one! I hope you do too!

  4. My first line this week comes from Free Fall by Nancy Mehl :
    Chapter 1
    “The abandoned amusement park reminded Logan of an aging bride waiting for a bridegroom who never came.”

  5. This sounds fun!

    I posted the first line from Written on the Wind by Elizabeth Camden:

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  6. I love marriage convenience stories! I shared one this week too - Sunburst by Susan May Warren :)

    Happy reading!

    1. Jen-me too! I enjoyed Sunburst as well :)