Thursday, April 11, 2024

Love in Disguise

Title: Love in Disguise

Series: The Wonder Boys #4

Author: Dana LeCheminant

Publisher: Dana LeCheminant

Genre: Fiction, Contemporary Romance,

Source: Kindle Unlimited

My Review:

I am on the struggle bus with reviews lately...I finished this days ago but haven't had time to sit and write the review...

Love in Disguise is the fourth (and final!) book in The Wonder Boys series by Dana LeCheminant. While each book could be read as a standalone, they are best read in order. 

This is the only series I have read where all the books have the fake dating trope! 

Read for:

📚fake dating/engagement

📚he falls first

📚more of the Wonder boys

📚epic "big" moment

📚close proximity

📚family reunion


📚the friendship bracelet

📚two epilogues!!


Synopsis (Goodreads): 

Kit Morgan has always hated change—he’s as steady as they come.

At least, that’s what his friends think. Feeling trapped by a routine he never wanted but everyone expects, Kit is almost glad when his life suddenly falls apart—especially when it leads to him running into his middle school girlfriend, Skyler, who happens to need a fake fiancé for a family reunion.

The two pick up where they left off seventeen years prior, and Kit reverts back to the friendly and fun-loving person she knew for the semester they were together—someone completely different from the role he’s been playing his entire life. Desperate to cling to his chance to change his life for the better and finally live the life he’s always wanted, Kit is ready to tell Skyler he’s in it for real. The problem? She has no intention of settling down anytime soon. Or ever.

Torn between the reliable life he’s always known and a sweeter one without guarantees, Kit has to convince Skyler—and himself—that past patterns can be broken and relationships are worth fighting for.

Otherwise, he might lose the only person who’s ever known the real him.


  1. Who doesn't need a fake fiance for their family reunion? ;D

  2. Whenever you feel like you're struggling, console yourself with the number of reviews (like 200. It's absurd) I still have to write and you will feel much better!!

  3. That troupe is so old, but still works if written well