Monday, June 24, 2024

Stevie Hates Shoes

Title: Stevie HATES Shoes

Author: Donna Chisum

Publisher: Warren Publishing

Genre: Children's Fiction,

Source: Author Provided

My Review:

Having read Donna Chisum's first book, Grayface and Wigglebutt, I was curious to read her newest book, Stevie HATES Shoes. It did not disappoint.

Most kids hate wearing shoes which is what makes this story so delightful! If you have struggled with getting shoes on a child's foot, you will relate. If you child hates shoes, they will relate! 

While Stevie loves pretty things she refuses to wear the shoes her mom, dad, and grandma buy for her. She would rather feel the rain on her feet, the mud between her toes, and the leaves crunching under her feet. Unfortunately, it takes a hard lesson for Stevie to understand the importance of wearing shoes.

Stevie Hates Shoes is perfect for children between the ages of 3-7. They will love Stevie's independent spirit and the need for control (isn't that most children that age?). The illustrations are perfect for the story. 

My only criticism is some sentences are awkward and the word choice is beyond the intended age of the story. "She didn't understand why no one else understood that she liked to feel the ground beneath her feet and admire her pretty, polished toenails." "...when her parents were exasperated." Other than that, the story is cute and relatable.

Thank you to the author for the opportunity to read this story. I was not required to provide a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Synopsis (Goodreads): 

Little Stevie hates shoes, and nothing will make her wear them. Not ice cream, not a new toy, not even a puppy! She'd much rather go barefoot so she can feel the fresh grass under her feet and the cool, sticky mud between her toes. But after a painful mishap, she learns that sometimes it's important to do things we don't like in order to keep our bodies safe and healthy.


  1. I don't keep up with the children's books anymore, but gosh, this one does look cute. Makes me wish sometimes I had reason to buy some of the fun storybooks coming out. Feels like any of the kids I could buy gifts for are too old for them now OR they're too into scrolling Youtube. ;)

    1. Rissi, I understand! I don't have littles this age to buy for either, but maybe someday I will have grandchildren ;)

  2. This reminds me so much of "Big Sarah's Little Boots" by Paulette Bourgois, such a cute story. I read that to my boys and will definitely have to get this.

    1. Marianne, I have not heard of that book, but I have heard of the author, will have to look into it!