Saturday, July 3, 2021

No-Add July

I love everything about books. The new book smell. The feel of the book in your hand. The new adventure each time you open a new book. The ability to store tons of books on the Kindle. The over-flowing bookshelves. Finding books at yard sales, used bookstores, pretty much anywhere, LOL. Telling people what you are reading. Writing reviews. Watching for new releases. Getting ARC's. Being asked to review books. Following favorite authors. Being organized on Goodreads. It all just brings me joy!But...

Lately, I am feeling the need to catch up. The Kindle is out of control and this organizing type A personality just can't handle it. 😂😂 So, I decided for  July I will not add ANY new books to my bookshelves (unless I happen to win something or get something for my birthday), my Kindle, my "to-read" list. I will not add any books. It is going to be so HARD not looking at the free Kindle deals every week and ignoring the book recommendations in my book groups. It's also going to be hard because it is my birthday this month and I would normally treat myself to a new book, LOL.

I am planning to use the time to catch up on my ARC's, and some of the other books on my to-be-read list. While it is going to be hard, I am also looking forward to hopefully catching up a bit. One of the things I want to do is to get all my Kindle books listed on my Goodreads shelves. It is hard to read them if you don't even know what you have...and when you have over 1,500 😲 (as a quick side note, MOST of those I got free, I don't buy ebooks that often. There have been a few recently that I bought that were on sale $1.99 or $.99). I got smart around February of this year and as I downloaded the free ones I was finding I added them to my Goodreads account...but you know, the other YEARS are what need to be added 😬 

Have you ever taken a season of not adding books and playing catch up? If so, how long did you take? If not, is it something that you have ever considered doing? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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    1. Thank you, I am struggling already, LOL!!! I screenshot a book yesterday to have as a reference next month, LOL! Not sure if that is cheating or not!