Monday, October 11, 2021

The Heart of Splendid Lake

Title: The Heart of Splendid Lake

Author: Amy Clipston

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance

Source: Net Galley

My Review:

Amy Clipston is known for her Amish fiction but I believe her debut novel into contemporary romance will be a hit. Two things drew me to this book and that was the beautiful cover and the author.  

Brianna is a strong character. Amid multiple tragedies, her true light shines. She is determined, kind, caring, and I love when she speaks up for herself telling her sisters and Taylor what she needs. However, I hate that she holds onto what should be let go of only because it is familiar and she doesn't want change. There is nothing to like about Taylor, Jenna is pretty self-involved as well, and Cassie shows redeeming qualities.

I like Scott and the way he steps up to help Brianna and the care he shows for her mom, Lois. He had a hard childhood and while we are never told all the details, we are told enough to truly appreciate the adult he has become. There are a few things I dislike about him as well but will keep them to myself to not give spoilers.

The descriptions in the story are well done and I can picture sitting in the chairs on the beach staring at the lake. The story line moves at a steady pace and I felt like this was a pretty quick read.

While most of Clipston's Amish stories are pretty light, this one was a bit heavier, dealing with loss and grief. It is handled well and I don't think it is "too" heavy of a read. There are some lighter moments, some family drama, and tender moments. I found myself connecting and sympathizing on with Brianna on several occasions (just not the ones where I wanted to throttle her, LOL).

While the publisher is a Christian publisher I would not classify this book as "religious" or "Christian." It is a very clean (G) contemporary romance but there is no talk of God or religion in the book. The only minister mentioned is when someone gets married. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good clean romance. Those who adore Clipston's Amish novels will enjoy seeing her in a new light.

Thank you to Net Galley and Thomas Nelson for the opportunity to read this book. I was not required to provide a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



Bestselling author Amy Clipston transports readers to a picturesque lakeside town in this heartwarming contemporary romance.

Brianna is the youngest of the three Porter sisters and the only one who chose to stay in the small town of Splendid Lake, North Carolina. She followed in her father’s footsteps and became an expert boat mechanic, helping him run their small resort with cabin rentals, a convenience store, and a marina. 

When Brianna’s father unexpectedly dies, Brianna is steeped in grief and guilt—then left alone to clean up the mess. To make matters worse, a constant stream of real estate brokers begins marching through her property, offering to buy the family land. In particular, she keeps running into handsome real estate mogul Scott Gibson. 

As Brianna struggles to keep it all together, Scott finds his way into her heart. And as the two fight against their feelings, they just might find themselves forging a surprising and exciting new love at Splendid Lake.



  1. Lovely review Cindy. I have not read anything by Amy Clipston but this sounds like a book I would enjoy.

    1. Wendy-she is one of my many favorite authors, LOL!