Monday, January 30, 2023

Growing Strong

Title: Growing Strong: Workouts, Devotions, and Recipes to Become Healthy from the Inside Out

Author: Cambria Joy

Genre: Christian Nonfiction, Fitness, Health, Devotions, Self-help

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Source: Own

My review:

As a new year began, I had one of the same goals I always have: to get in better shape. With that goal in mind, I wanted to read Growing Strong: Workouts, Devotions, and Recipes to Become Healthy from the Inside Out by Cambria Joy.

When you nurture beauty of the spirit, you'll discover a joy that's lasting. This joy, in turn, inspires your pursuit of physical health. I'm excited to come alongside you and encourage this amazing happening in your life.

Growing Strong is different from other devotional books because it includes recipes and workouts, in addition to the devotional content. Each chapter is only two to three pages, so it is easy to read at your own pace. You can read a chapter a day or several chapters a day. The goal of Growing Strong is to become motivated, become strong, and be transformed.  

Anytime we set a goal, we need to remember who satisfies. Not what satisfies. Who satisfies. Jesus Christ satisfies the longing soul.

I got a lot out of the devotions. I felt there was so much wisdom in what Cambria was saying. I could not do the recipes because of dietary restrictions but they do look and sound good. I also did not do the workouts. I am more of a visual person, so while it is great that she includes them in the book, I would prefer to watch them and do them that way. While that is supposed to be the case, there is a website you can go to to watch the videos, but it is not working. That was quite disappointing to me. I sent Cambria a message to ask about it but didn't get a response.

Overall, I recommend this devotional to anyone who wants to get stronger and healthier! 


Synopsis (Goodreads): 

 A Joyful Life Starts on the Inside

Hi, I’m Cambria!

For years, I struggled with my self-image and how to make my dual pursuits of faith and fitness fit together. Maybe you can relate. Everything changed one day when I decided I was tired of looking in the mirror and started looking solely toward God.

What He showed me is that true strength—physical, emotional, and spiritual—starts from the inside out. When you’re staying connected to God, you’ll find that eating well and exercising regularly will be so much easier. Your faith, food choices, and fitness will all just naturally flow together as part of your healthy and whole life.  

I want to share what I’ve learned with you, motivate you, and encourage you with delicious recipes to nourish your body, creative workouts to keep you moving, and wisdom from God’s Word to inspire and shape you into the woman He’s creating you to be.

Let’s grow strong from the inside out!