Monday, June 17, 2024

A Picture of Love

Title: A Picture of Love Audiobook review

Series: Amish Inn #1

Author: Beth Wiseman

Narrator: Lauren Berst

Publisher: Zondervan

Genre: Christian Fiction, Amish, Contemporary Romance,

Source: Hoopla

My Review:

I have always enjoyed Beth Wiseman's books. I am trying to read books that have been on my TBR for quite a while, which led me to A Picture of Love.

Lauren Berst did great with the audio narration and bringing the story to life.

I understand Amish marry young (in stories) but for Naomi to barely be twenty-five and sure she would never marry was a little ridiculous. At that age, there is so much life left, and when Amos enters the picture she is sure they can never be more than friends.

I appreciate that overall the story was pretty light. I loved Esther, Lizzie, and even Gus's shenanigans and spirited personalities. Although a predictable story, it was an enjoyable listen.


Synopsis (Goodreads): 

Both of them have vowed from the bottom of their broken hearts never to love again.

Sweet Naomi Byler cooks meals for the guests at The Peony Inn, where Amish sisters and owners of the inn Esther and Lizzie love her like a granddaughter. She’s as happy there as a young woman can be, considering that her fiancĂ©, Thomas, has left her to court someone else. She knows she’ll get over the love of her life in due time, but she assumes marriage will never be a part of her future.

Amos Lantz and his mother are guests at the inn, visiting town for a cousin’s wedding. Attending a wedding is the last thing Amos wants to do since his own fiancĂ©e, Sarah, died tragically just a year ago.

Naomi and Amos understand each other’s grief and become quick friends when they discover their mutual love of painting. As the two begin to paint through their sadness together, Esther and Lizzie play matchmaker—a risky move with the potential to backfire. And when Thomas makes an unexpected return intending to win back Naomi, she realizes she no longer knows her own heart.

In this new Amish series from bestselling and award-winning novelist Beth Wiseman, true love takes root in the deepest of wounds.


  1. Always good to get books checked off your TBR list/pile. I'm trying to do that this summer, too. But it's hardly making a dent in my way too long list. ;D

    1. Lark, I understand completely!!! I finished two books I own, then got two in the mail, LOL! It's like no progress was made. But, slow and steady ;)

  2. A Picture of Love sounds like a cozy read, especially with Lauren Berst’s narration bringing it to life. I get what you mean about Naomi’s mindset at 25, but sometimes those Amish traditions do set unique challenges. Sounds like Esther, Lizzie, and Gus added some fun to the mix. Predictable can still be enjoyable, right?

    1. Ethan, yes, predictable can still be enjoyable. I did enjoy it.

  3. Sometimes predictable is a wonderful comfort read.