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Suffering the Scot

Title: Suffering the Scot

Series: Brotherhood of The Black Tartan #1

Author: Nichole Van

Publisher: Fiorenza Publishing

Genre: Historical Fiction, Clean romance,


My Review:

Suffering the Scot is the first book I have read by Nichole Van. It is the first book in the Brotherhood of The Black Tartan series.

Suffering the Scot was hard for me to get into. Even two hundred pages into the book I was not invested. There is a lot of history, Scottish brogue (which I don't enjoy any dialect writing it's hard to read), minor cursing (a personal pet peeve), and too much inner dialogue with Lady Jane and having to be a lady.  

What I liked:

-Andrew's humor


-Jane finally getting a spine


Overall, it wasn't the book for me, nor do I plan to read any more of the series.

Content warning: mild cursing 


Synopsis (Goodreads): 

***WHITNEY AWARD FINALIST 2019 FOR BEST HISTORICAL ROMANCE*** Lady Jane Everard cannot abide the new Earl of Hadley. The unmannered Scot is a menace to genteel ladies everywhere, what with his booming laugh and swishing kilt and endless supply of ‘ochs’ and ‘ayes.’ Jane wishes Lord Hadley would behave as an earl should and adhere to English rules of polite conduct. Andrew Langston, the new Earl of Hadley, knows that the English aristocracy think poorly of his lowly Scottish upbringing. This is hardly new. History is littered with the English assuming the worst about Scotland. By living up to their lowest expectations, he is simply fulfilling his civic duty as a Scotsman. Jane sees Andrew as an unmannered eejit. Andrew considers Jane to be a haughty English lady. But, as the saying goes, . . . opposites attract. And what if beneath his boisterous behavior and her chilly reserve, Andrew and Jane are not nearly as different as they suppose? Can Scotland and England reach a harmonious union at last?

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