Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Labyrinth of Lies

 Title: Labyrinth of Lies

Series: Triple Threat #2

Author: Irene Hannon

Publisher: Revell

Genre: Christian Fiction, Suspense, Romance

Source: Revell and Net Galley

My Review:

 Labyrinth of Lies is about the oldest Reilly sister, Cate. Even though it is the second in the series it can be read as a stand alone novel. The first book in the series, Point of Danger, featured Cate's sister, Eve.

I remembered from the first book that Cate had no desire to do another undercover gig, yet here we are in the second book, with her in an undercover gig. There was a big inconsistency right at the beginning, that kind of soured things for me. At the end of Point of Danger, Eve and Brent are married. At the beginning of this book they have been engaged for four days, really? Also, the beginning was difficult to read because there was not a clear break from one scene to the next, which interrupted the flow of reading. This happened sporatically throughout the rest of the book (ebook).

Overall, the story was a good mystery, a decent storyline, but not quite as gripping as I have come to expect from Hannon's writing.  The mystery was easier to figure out and the depth of emotion for the main characters was off. There was more romance than suspense and faith element was lacking as well.

Thank you to Revell and Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book. I was not required to provide a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Synopsis (from Goodreads): 

When the daughter of a high-profile businessman disappears from an exclusive girls' boarding school, police detective Cate Reilly is tapped for an undercover assignment. It doesn't take her long to realize that beneath the veneer of polish and wealth, things are not as they seem at Ivy Hill Academy. But the biggest surprise of all? The only man she ever loved is also working at the school.

Zeke Sloan has never forgotten Cate, but now isn't the best time for their paths to cross again. When their two seemingly disparate agendas begin to intertwine--and startling connections emerge among the players--the danger escalates significantly. But who is the mastermind behind the elaborate ruse? And how far will they go to protect their house of cards?

Queen of romantic suspense Irene Hannon invites you to scale the heights of human folly and plumb the depths of the human heart in this second gripping book in the Triple Threat series.


  1. Even one inconsistency can ruin a novel...or make it less enjoyable. Especially when it's right at the beginning.

    1. Lark, I agree, it was very disappointing. I hate to write any negative content about a book, but I have to be honest.

  2. I agree, inconsistencies can really take you out of a story. They kind of stick in my mind and I can't let it go.

    1. Wendy, ME too! Even though I want to be able to move past it...sigh.