Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Top Ten Books that I loved that made me want more

I am eventually going to post regularly on this blog! I would love a post a day, but sometimes there are none, and other days there are two, but hey, I guess I get points for trying, right? Today I decided to join a link-up because it sounded fun and got me thinking! I love when I come across things like this 😀

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s topic is Books I Loved that Made Me Want More Books Like Them. This topic especially appealed to me because I am constantly adding to my never-ending to-be-read pile...either in cyberspace on my Goodreads shelf, or on my Kindle (over 1,000 unlogged books, send help!!) or here, physically on one of my many bookshelves, but then it still gets added to Goodreads...

Castle of Refuge (The Dericott Tales, #2)

I am going to start with the book I am currently reading, Castle of Refuge by Melanie Dickerson. She is a new-to-me author and as I have been reading I kept asking myself, why have I not read her before?! I am LOVING her writing, and this particular story, and will be reading more of her in the future. This particular book is a retelling of The Ugly Duckling and it is making me want to read more fairy tale retellings.

Hope Between the Pages

Hope Between the Pages by Pepper Basham was another new-to-me author. Not only did I love her writing and it made me want to read more of her, but it also made me want to read more of the Doors of the Past series. It also made me want to read more dual-time slip novels as well.

A Man Worth Shaving For (Shaped By Love #1)

A Man Worthy Shaving for by Michelle Pennington was a hilarious rom-com, in the Shaped by Love Series. (another new-to-me author) I LOVED the way she talked positively about body image, no matter what size you are. I binged this whole series and am eagerly anticipating reading book #4!

Things We Didn't Say

Things We Didn't Say, a debut novel, by Amy Lynn Green was AMAZING.  I loved the sharp wit and humor in this book. It gave me a desire for more epistolary-style novels. 

The House on Foster Hill

The House on Foster Hill By Jamie Jo Wright, the first book of hers I read, left me wanting more dual time-slip novels with a mystery/suspense element.

Facing the Dawn

Facing the Dawn by another new-to-me author, Cynthia Ruchti is a contemporary fiction novel. The storyline is phenomenal. It was absolutely life-changing and thought-provoking. This book gave me all the feels and had me longing for more stories with such depth.

The Dress Shop on King Street (Heirloom Secrets, #1)

The Dress Shop on King Street is another debut novel, this one by Ashley Clark. This is another dual-time slip novel, and it is an incredibly beautiful story of hope and ultimately redemption. There are a lot of deep emotions in this book, heartache, loss, but also an amazing hope. It also left me wanting to read more books with depth.

Traces of Guilt (Evie Blackwell Cold Case, #1)

Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson left me wanting to read more about cold cases (a little creepy, I know, but it was SO good!!).

Criss Cross (Holly #1)

Criss Cross by C. C. Warrens is the first book I read by her and immediately grabbed and read the next two in the (Holly) series. This is a binge-worthy series...the action never stops...it left me wanting more page-turner, slightly creepy mysteries!

Mind Games (Kaely Quinn Profiler, #1)

Mind Games by Nancy Mehl had very complex characters, was fast-paced, and hard to describe because there was so much going on and you don't want to give spoilers! It left me wanting more of Kaely Quinn and I HAD to binge the next book...and wait for the third to be released.

What books have you read and then gone off to find more like them?
Can you recommend any other books I might like based on my picks above?


  1. If you like Jaime Jo Wright’s books, how about Abigail Wilson or Kimberley Woodhouse?

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I have not heard of Abigail Wilson but will look her up. I recently read my first book by Kimberley Woodhouse, Bridge of Gold and really enjoyed it.

  2. If you like suspense, you should read the If I Run series by by Terri Blackstock. It is soooooo good! Plus you should check out Dani Pettrey if you haven't already. :)
    And Heidi Chiavaroli has some great dual timeline stories.

    1. I loved the If I Run series and I have read two books by Dani Pettrey. I have not (yet) read anything by Heidi Chiavaroli, although I have heard of her. Are her books a series? And which book would you recommend I start with of hers?

    2. And, actually, I take that back, I have read one of Heidi's books (just checked Goodreads), The Orchard House, I liked it, but overall found it heavy.

  3. yes to what Jessica said lol. And I love that you've recently discovered Pepper & Cynthia's books. Two of my fave people!

    1. I am looking forward to reading more by both of them! I am thankful there are SO many great authors out there.

  4. I read her 2nd book first, but same for Jaime Jo Wright! I was so excited to realize this style is basically her brand. Sometimes I get burned out on authors who tell the same type of story, but I'm 4 deep into her work now and still excited.

    1. That's great to hear! I want to read more of all of these authors! Thanks so much for stopping by!